1) How long does it take to get a 75K novel translated?
On average it is 3 to 4 months. However, timing depends on a number of elements  so it is calculated with great accuracy together with the translator and it is clearly laid out in the contract. You will know exactly when your translation is ready.

2) Is the price stated in US dollars?  Or do I have  to do a Euro conversion?
We are incorporated in the US. The price is in US dollars.

3) If a book requires more effort in the translation – does the price change once the translation gets started?
The price does not change. A professional translator will be aware of the degree of effort and the amount of research that goes into the translation when he/she accepts the assignment.

4) Are the books double-checked for accuracy by another translator?
Ensuring accuracy in translation is part of the professional responsibility of a true pro and we only work with professional, experienced translators. However, once your book is translated , it is proofread by the translator and then line-edited and proofread by another professional translator.

5) Will the translator contact me during the translation process?
If one of our translators encounters difficulties in rendering particular cultural references or uses of grammar/verbs/names/words, he or she discusses it with the writer and suggests various solutions, and together, they decide what is best. Suggestions from peers may be sought for particularly challenging points and brainstorming over possible solutions.

6) How does your process work?
It is a very simple, seamless process.
Once you send us the manuscript , we will show it to the translator for his/her timing. You will then receive a formal estimate recapping all the terms and conditions.
If you consider our terms and conditions to be acceptable and send us back the signed estimate,  we will send you our detailed contract and our invoice for the first installment and the translator will get started on the book.
When the first 10 chapters–or first 100 pages, depending on the length of the manuscript — are ready, we will send them to you to see or use for promotional purposes (sneak previews on your website or FB page, et al), and you will receive our second invoice for your 2nd payment.
In the meantime the translation is completed, line-edited and proofread, and finally delivered to you. We then send you a third invoice for your final payment.  We check the text one more time after you have it formatted. We are with you all the way.

7) Is the fee I pay only for translation or does it include proofing?
The fee you pay includes line-editing and proofing by a second professional. It covers your translator’s work and the editor’s (who is also a professional translator) work. It also includes a final check by your translator after you have formatted the translated manuscript.

8) How are payments handled?
Payments are handled in three installments: 35% upon signature of the contract, 35% upon delivery of 35% of the book, and the remaining 30% upon delivery of the complete translation.  You will receive an invoice for each installment.

9) Will I have to send the translator a 1099 form?
We take care of all the paperwork and payments with the translator, so you just have to sit back…. and write.


  • Language+ Literary Translations is a co-op of talented and experienced translators, run and owned by translators. We will translate your book in its entirety with all the verve and style you put into the original.

  • At Language +Literary Translations we are  all translators and know that literary translation is an art, just like writing is an art.


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