At Language+ Literary Translations we are all translators and know that literary translation is an art, just like writing is an art

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Your book is not only a work of art but a labor of love. You put a lot of effort into ensuring that it is all it can be. You make sure that the reader’s enjoyment is pure. That your story is told in the right way, with the right word in the right place, with no mistakes to trip the reader up.

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We tend to pair off authors with a translator who gets to know their style, world, characters and emotions thoroughly and eventually becomes their voice in a foreign language.

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Language+ Literary Translations is a co-op of talented and experienced translators, run and owned by translators. We will translate your book in its entirety with all the verve and style you put into the original.

  • Midnight-Shadows
  • Fiebre salvaje
  • Perdidos entre sombras
  • Persiguiendo sombras
  • Venus-the-morning-star
  • mountains
  • Ventanas-a-la-aventura

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