about us

About Us

who we are

Our Identity

Language + Literary Translations is a company made up of talented, native-speaking translation professionals with a longstanding experience in the industry.

We offer translations from and into German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Our translators are highly experienced, love books and produce translations that are faithful renderings of the original with no cuts or abridgements.


Our Process

We tend to pair off authors with a translator who gets to know their style, world, characters and emotions thoroughly  and eventually becomes their voice in a foreign language.

As translators we do our research, we develop new voices, we edit, proof-read and basically do many things writers do to make sure that the reader’s enjoyment is pure.

As a team of forward-looking and strongly motivated book-loving professionals, at Language+Literary Translations we act according to ethics and professional standards.
We’re as good as our word.


Our History

Language + Literary Translations entered the indie book translation arena early on when indie-publishing was disrupting the traditional publishing systems. We were able to garner all the energy and understand what indie publishers really need.

The indie-publishing community has evolved and it has been an exciting and inspirational journey to learn so much and work for the success of our authors on other markets.