About Us

Language + Literary Translations is a virtual company made up of the finest literary translators in the business. We help authors find the translator who will become their voice in a foreign language.

We offer translations from and into German, Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Our translators are highly experienced, love books and translate as a labor of love. Their translations are stylish renderings of the original with no cuts or abridgements.

Authors are paired off with a translator who gets to know their style, world and characters thoroughly. You will find that we are pro-active: we do our research, we develop new voices, we edit, proof-read and basically do many things writers do.

We can also help with the formatting and uploading processes, customizing your cover design and back cover blurb for the foreign market as well as promoting in the foreign language market, getting your book reviewed and offering blog tours.

As a team of forward-looking, strongly motivated and dynamically empowered book-loving professionals, at Language+Literary Translations we’re as good as our word!





  • Language+ Literary Translations is a co-op of talented and experienced translators, run and owned by translators. We will translate your book in its entirety with all the verve and style you put into the original.

  • At Language +Literary Translations we are  all translators and know that literary translation is an art, just like writing is an art.


  • Midnight-Shadows
  • Fiebre salvaje
  • Perdidos entre sombras
  • Persiguiendo sombras
  • Venus-the-morning-star
  • mountains
  • Ventanas-a-la-aventura